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White corian artificial marble reception desk RGB led lighting

Finished Time: June 2017


Project location:USA


Manufacturer: WANBEST


Products details:


This is our RE102 reception desk design. Client have chosen this design for their office. The size of this desk is revised from L.3000*W.850*H.1200MM to L.2800*W.850*H.1200. Because client need more space for 2 sides.


The material we chosen is corian glacier white. After we polished, it looks shinny and very elegant. It will leave a good impression for every visitor. At the meanwhile the solid surface stone material is very easy to maintain in usually. It is stain-resistance and water-proof. The secretary don’t need to worry about the stain of coffee ,tea pouring out on the reception desk to.


Additional we also add the RGB led lighting inside the front part. It take more changes and colors for daily life. 

The show of products:

Reception deskThe details of reception desk Reception desk with LED