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 10 Application of Solid Surface that you Never Knew

Solid surface are good examples of artificial stones. They were invented in the 1960s by the DuPont Company. Before the existences of solid surface stones, Natural stones were used on kitchen counter tops. Solid surface were created to replace the use of natural stones

Today, natural stones cannot be compared to solid surfaces in any way. They have smalls holes on the surface that make fluids and stains soak into their surface. By doing so, they become difficult to clean. Also, they create a good room for growth and multiplication of fungi and bacteria due to the dump condition created. Hence, natural stones not suitable for kitchen counter tops.

On the other hand, solid services have proven to be the best for kitchen counters. Their ability to resist stains and water make them a perfect replacement of natural stones. Their stain resistance, waterproof, non-toxic, colorful and easy to clean characteristics wraps it all. Even better, they have inconspicuous joints.

solid surfaces have not only become popular for kitchen counters but also widely used in homes and commercial places like hospitals, restaurants, bars and supermarkets.

Due to their awesome characteristic, they have become popular and widely used. Below are the ten most common applications of solid surfaces.

1.    Bar Counters

Many people go to the bars to unwind themselves after a long day. The appearance of the bar dictates the flow of customers. Their colorful nature makes them commonly used in bars counters. They are available in many colors, and this makes the bars look elegant and classy.

As we all know, messes on bar counters are inevitable. Wines and drinks spill over the bar counters unwarily. Their non-porous nature makes them easy to clean and maintain since the fluids and stains do not soak into the surface. When the mess occurs, waiters only use a damp cloth to wipe off the messes.

Wooden surfaces are the last option for bar counters.  The moist environment will only make them soak in fluids and peel off with time. Also, they are not hygienic since they soak in liquid and become damp, thus creating a suitable environment for the growth of fungi and bacteria.

The use of natural stones also on bar counters is a bad idea. The existence of small holes on the surface only makes stains to seep in stains, thus making them difficult to clean. Also, after soaking fluids, they create a dump environment that encourages the growth of bacteria and fungi. One disadvantage of natural stones is they are not available in a wide range of colors. Not being flexible in nature, they cannot be fabricated into many complex designs.

The WANABEST solid surface surfaces stand out to be the best because of their stain resistance, waterproof and hygienic nature. Also, they have inconspicuous joint which makes them unique.

 solid surface bar counter

                                                                                                 Solid surfaces on bar counters

2.    Reception Desk

A company’s reception desk is the face of the company. It is the first thing that visitors and customers see when they visit. An attractive reception leaves a good impression on your visitors and customers.

Solid surfaces are available in many different colors. They make your office look bright, elegant and classy. Also, they can be fabricated into many unique designs and be polished to give a perfect finish. This can be a glossy or a matte finish. Therefore, this has made solid surfaces the newest and most modern designs for reception desks.


                                                                                     Solid surfaces on reception desk

3.    Office desks

The way your office desk look tells much about you. Solid surfaces have proved to be the best for office desks. With their stain resistant, waterproof, hygienic and conspicuous joints properties make them be the best for your office desk.

For example, if you look at liquor desks, their color change and peel out with time. For sure, such problems are not encountered with solid surfaces.

The colors and patterns of solid surfaces run through their entire thickness. They do not change regardless of time of use.

Solid surfaces for sure have become the latest and popular trend in offices.

 solid surface office desk                                                                                          Office desk made from solid surface

4.    Restaurant counter

Restaurant counters are very sensitive areas in a restaurant. They must  be clean at all times. With solid surfaces on restaurant counters, this is achievable. They are easy to clean and maintain due to their nonporous nature that prevents them from soaking stains.

Solid surfaces have currently become common on restaurant counters due to their hygienic characteristics. They are non-porous and solid throughout the entire thickness preventing stains and fluids to soak into the surface. Therefore, they discourage the growth of bacteria and fungi.

Their waterproof condition wraps it all. The solid surfaces do not soak in fluids due to their nonporous nature preventing them from being damp. Due to this nature, the surfaces cannot peel off like wooden surfaces.

Other awesome characteristics of solid surfaces that make them common in restaurants are their durability, inconspicuous joints and also colorful nature.


                                                                                Restaurant counter made of solid surface

5.    Restaurant Dining Tables

Customers’ food is served on restaurant dining tables. It is necessary for them to be clean and hygienic all the time. Due to this reasons, restaurant owners have adapted the use of solid surfaces on their restaurant dining tables. Restaurants like McDonald and KFC are good examples of restaurants that have adopted this.

Also, the solid surfaces are non-porous in nature making them not to soak stains and fluids. Due to this nature, they become easy to clean and maintain. This property makes the restaurant tables not to get worn out with time, and thus saving restaurant owners’ time and money of replacing new ones.

The amazing this about solid surfaces is that they are available in many different colors and also are flexible enough to be crafted into any design. The colorful nature makes the restaurant beautiful and classy.

Their durable nature makes it even better, they are resistant to cuts and nicks, making them perfect for restaurant dining tables.

restaurant dining table                                                                               Unique design of restaurant tables


6.    End table

Solid surfaces have become a perfect material for end tables. The most fantastic feature that makes them an excellent choice for end tables is that they are available in many different colors. Having an end table with your favorite color is possible.

The fact that their surfaces are non-porous, you do not have to worry about coffee spills that can stain your table.  Due to this feature, they are also easy to clean and maintain and also hygienic.

 solid surface end table                                                                              End table made of solid surface

7.    Exhibition counters

Solid surfaces have become the latest trend on exhibition counters. Their ability to be crafted into many beautiful and unique designs have made them be commonly used for exhibition counters.

They available in different colors and also durable, making them the best choice for exhibition counters.

                                                                          Exhibition counter made of solid surface

8.    Kitchen counters

A kitchen counter should be durable, easy to clean hygienic and also waterproof. With solid surfaces for your kitchen counter, all these characteristics are met. Their non-porous nature makes them waterproof and also stain resistant. This means that stains and water do not soak into the surface. The surface, therefore, becomes easy to clean and maintain.

Solid surfaces are also durable in that their colors and patterns do not fade out with time since colors and patterns run through the entire thickness of the surface.

Solid surfaces are also used on kitchen cabinets and doors. They give your kitchen look attractive and elegant. For this reason, they have become very popular on kitchen counters.

corian kitchen

                                                                               Attractive kitchen counter

9.    Ash Trays

Solid surfaces have been tested for thermal properties. They cannot be destroyed or discolored by the heat from the cigarette ash. Their colors and patterns remain intact after use because they run through the entire solid.

Solid surfaces have many advantages that make them widely used in making ashtrays and other accessories.  Their stain resistant makes them cleaned and maintained easily.  

Being tested for their mechanical properties, they do not break easily after falls or after being handled carelessly.

Moreover, they can be crafted into many unique, elegant and attractive designs that have made them popular in making ashtrays and other accessories.

                                                                            solid surface ash tray


10.    Artistic Products

Artistic products in nature are beautiful and elegant. For this reason, solid surface surfaces have become a good material for them. With the ability to be fabricated in different shapes and designs makes them the best material for artistic products.

solid surfaces are also available in many different colors and for this reason have become the best material for artistic products.

                                            Artistic products made from solid surfaces

Above are some of the top applications of solid surfaces. Feel free to have a test of this amazing invention!

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