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  The Common Designs Of Office Front Reception Desk

When people visiting a company,the first office furniture in their eyes is the reception counter. A suitable design reception counter will leave a good impression to people. Now we WANBEST have sort all kinds of common reception counter designs for your reference. Hope you could get some idea from these.  


1.The simple straight reception counter

straight reception counter.jpg


The straight reception desk is the most commonly design in front desk, which cost is the lowest. But people can add the logo on the front and make many attractive designs on it.


2.L shape reception counter

 L shape reception counter design.jpg


The L shape reception counter have a good advantages is that it can make a closely area for the staff.


3.Half circle reception desk design

 half cicle reception counters.jpg


4.Large center circle reception counter design

 large circle reception counter.jpg


For the shopping mall or large office, design are used to use the circle information counter. It can make a closely area for staffs and it could serve all of people.



5.Led Lighting decoration reception counter

 led lighting decoration reception counter

Most of the designer will add the led lighting in front of the reception counter. Which looks more impressive and elegant.


6.Custom design artistic complex design

 custom reception counter.jpg


If you do not like the common design in above. You can also ask WANBEST design to supply a custom design for you. All of the details and size will 100% suit for your idea. 

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