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Choosing a kitchen island can be a good decision when designing or renovating your kitchen. kitchen island is not only a functional workspace, but also the focal point of the kitchen. In addition to providing additional storage space and countertop space, it can also serve as a center for cooking, dining, and socializing.

However, A kitchen island's design is very complex,So you need to consider many details when choosing a suitable kitchen island . To ensure that you make the right choice, you can check out the following guides, hope they can help you.

new design kitchen island

1. The size:

Size is very important!The first thing to consider when choosing a kitchen island is the size of the kitchen and the space available on the kitchen island.Firstly, you need to measure the size of the kitchen and consider any potential obstacles.Such as doors, walkways, or appliances.

A good kitchen island should be in proportion to the overall size of the kitchen.Generally the total area of the island should be at most 10% of the kitchen area.This ratio can leave enough circulation space for the kitchen and maintain a balanced layout.In an ideal situation, the edge of the kitchen island should be about 1M-1.2M away from other furniture. In this way, there is room for stools.And at the same time you can also operate on the kitchen island .

suitable size kitchen island ideas

Secondly, the kitchen island’s size has to be adjusted according to the size of the kitchen. In general, the kitchen island’s legthen is 1200-2000MM, and the width is 500-1000MM.Generally speaking, the width shouldn't beyound 1400MM.Because it will make the kitchen island too wide to use the space in the middle.

Finally, if you really don't know how to choose a suitable size for the kitchen island.You can stack the cardboard boxes to a suitable height,and lay the cardboard on top of the cardboard box.Then imagine it as a kitchen island and feel whether the size is suitable for your kitchen.Or welcome to consult us, we will provide you with professional advice.

2. Function:

If you haven't considered its specific function or purpose, you may not use it frequently. Even if you choose a kitchen island with suitable size.

Therefore,You also need to determine what functions your kitchen island should have,and how do you plan to use it.Is it mainly used as a food preparation area, dining area, or a combination of the both?

If you want to use it as a cooking table, we can customize and install additional accessories for you,such as kitchen sinks, gas stoves, refrigerators, etc.And we can also leave enough space for you to install other appliances.

designing a kitchen island

If the kitchen island is used as a food preparation workbench,we will leave enough space for your countertop during design.We will make it convenient for cutting, preparing ingredients, and mixing operations.

kitchen island with seating

In addition, We can also design cabinets, drawers, and open shelves for your storage needs. Your pots and pans, small appliances, and other items can be stored on the kitchen island. Custom-made kitchen island can make full use of every space on the island without causing any waste!

kitchen island with drawer

3. Material:

The selection of materials for kitchen island mainly depends on personal preferences, budget, and usage needs.Choosing the right materials is crucial when designing a kitchen island. It not only affects the look and feel of the island, but also determines its service life and durability.

The following are several common choices of kitchen island materials.The main materials used are stainless steel, natural marble, artificial stone, quartz stone, and wood.

Stainless steel is easy to clean and use.It can become fireproof and high temperature resistant.This material is cheap and fine.Also easy to process.But,the scratch resistance is poor and it is easy to scratch. Lack of beauty.

stainless steel kitchen island

Natural marble has excellent heat resistance and durability, with rich colors and easy processing. But usually the price is high and cannot be repaired. Besides,its porous structure makes it easy for water and stains to enter the inside of the marble.So when choosing natural marble, you need to be prepared for regular sealing and maintenance.

nature marble kitchen island

Artificial stones are easy to clean, with rich textures and colors. It is easy to process and repair, and able to achieve seamless splicing. The price is cheaper than natural stone. But its hardness is lower than natural stone, and its wear resistance is slightly inferior.

solid surface kitchen island  

Quartz stone is harder than marble, is more resistant to scratches and wear, and therefore has a longer service life. But quartz stone is expensive and its texture is not as natural as marble.

Quartz stone kitchen island

The most obvious advantage of solid wood material is its beautiful and natural appearance. However, its durability is poor, it is not easy to clean, and its service life is not long. It still requires maintenance after use. Therefore, a kitchen island supported by solid wood is suitable for households with less cooking.

wooden top kitchen counter

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