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When selecting the front desk reception desk, we need to carefully identify whether there is any cutting corners in the workmanship, judge the dryness level based on the touch, pay attention to whether there are tenons and grooves on the reception desk structure, whether it is tightly glued, and the level of craftsmanship to comprehensively evaluate the quality of the front desk reception desk. Next, let's give a detailed introduction.

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Identify shoddy work and materials. For example, some reception desks use medium density fiber Flat noodles and particle board batten as load-bearing components. There are also reception desks and display desks that are not fixed with partitions or strips at the back, and only use nails as support pins, which is very unstable. This type of matter is common, and everyone should carefully examine it.

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Based on the touch, check the drying level of the wood inside the front desk reception desk. To identify the moisture content of wood. To understand that wood has not been dried or is not completely dried, the moisture content of the entire reception desk board is different, and the reception desk is most prone to deformation and deformation.

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Pay attention to whether there are tenons and grooves on the front desk reception frame structure and whether it is tightly glued. Pay special attention to any broken tenons or materials. For hidden drawers, it is even more important to check if there are any tenons or grooves in the drawer structure, if glue is applied inside the tenons or grooves, and if the drawer edges and plugs are connected with nails. Before purchasing, it is necessary to observe from the bottom of the seat. If the structure is only constructed with nails, without opening the mortise or applying glue, it will become loose and deformed over time.

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The level of craftsmanship is the main factor distinguishing the quality of the front desk reception desk, and it is necessary to pay attention to certain small details. For example, touch the area that our eyes cannot see with your hand to see if it is flat, if the lines are exquisitely crafted, and if there are any burrs or other issues.

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