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Light Emitting Diode(LED), a semiconductor solid-state light-emitting device, 

uses a solid semiconductor chip as a light-emitting material. When a forward voltage is 

applied to both ends, carriers in the semiconductor recombine the photon emission and 

generate light.

LED light

The LED is generally used on reception desk and bar counter. Of course, we can do it if 

you want to install LED on your office desk, conference table or wash sink, etc.,

The LED is divided into monochromatic light and colored light

The monochromatic color is divided into cool color and warm color

 Cool color(Snow white):

 Cool color LED reception desk

Warm color(Yellowish):

Warm color reception desk

The colored light is RGB LED, which can be cycled, but if you need it to stay in a certain color,

you can also adjust it.

Bar counter with RGB LED light

Bar counter with RGB LED light

As below also showing you the RGB LED light, but because the material of this bar is a

transparent stone, so the visual effect is different. 

Do you like this visual effect? I personally prefer to like this effect

RGB LED light bar counter

This is the RGB LED controller, Let us teach you how to use:

LED controller

PAUSE can adjust the LED dynamic effects to play or pause 

S button can adjust the LED speed of changing all the color; 

B button can adjust the LED keep in one color:  B- : last color; B+ : next color. 

M button can adjust the length of the LED light (For example: this LED has a length of 6 meters, but I only want it light to be 4 meters or 2 meters, which is adjusted by this M button)

Do you have any questions about LED? 

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions

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