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 Reasons why 90% People Choose Solid Surfaces for bar Counters

People go to the bars to unwind and relax after having a stressful day. The furniture color and designs can attract and influence them to visit your bar. Having solid surfaces on your bar counters bring out an elegant look.

Solid surfaces are widely used on bar counters because of their distinctive characteristics which make them outstanding from the other surfaces. Below are factors that make people choose solid surfaces for their bar counters.

1. Long Lasting and Durable

In bars, drunkards tend to get reckless after getting drunk. They engage in fights or start destroying properties around them. It is advisable to have solid surfaces on your bar counter. They have been tested to be resistant to cuts and impacts.

You do not have to worry if a drunkard smashes your counter with a beer bottle. It will remain as good as new. For this reason, they are the best.

BC-041-popular cheap bar counter.jpg

2. Available in different Colors

Colorful objects obviously attract people, right? People tend to flock in bars which are brightly colored. Bright colors are believed to bring life in a place. Your bar becomes attractive and elegant. Yes, with a solid surface on your counter it is achievable.

You can have your bar counter designed in any color you want. You can even match it with the bar seats. Customers always visit beautiful places.

 red boat shape bar counter

                                                                                         Attractive in nature avaliable for different color

3. Easy to Maintain

You cannot control messes on a bar counter. Having a solid surface on your counter makes it easy to clean and maintain.

Their non-porous nature makes the stains and fluids not to soak in the material. It becomes very easy to clean and maintain. Solid surfaces are the best surfaces for your bar counter! Below are steps to clean your solid counter.

 how to clean your bar counter.png

                                                                                                       Steps to clean your solid surface bar counter


4.Water Proof

Solid surfaces are non-porous. They are impervious and do not absorb any liquid. Ever asked yourself why waiters in bars keep on wiping the counters? It’s very simple; the liquid does not soak into the material and hence must be dried.

If you look at wooden bar counters, they tend to peel with time and demand to have a change. Having a solid surface on your counter saves you time and money for frequent changes and repairs.

white led lighting modern bar counters5.Resistant to staining

Due to the high level of spillage in bars, it is important to have a surface which does not absorb and soak any liquid and stains. Having a solid surface for your bar counter is the best decision you can ever make. Solid surfaces have an amazing trait of not soaking stains.

They are made from a non-porous material that does not soak stains. You are sure that your bar counter will not discolor with time and will always maintain an elegant and attractive look.

 BC021 big clube 4 sides large customized bar counter

6. High Level of Hygiene

Drunkards are the messiest people in the world! Having a solid surface is the only best decision you can ever make. They have a non-porous material that does not soak fluids and stains. For this reason, fungi and bacteria have no room for multiplication. You will never experience any dampness on your bar counter.

BC029 home kitchen cooking quartz bar counter7. Easy to Repair

It is very easy and cheap to maintain your solid bar counters. You only need a mild regular abrasive with a scouring pad to remove the stubborn stains. It is quite easy, right?

 repair bar counter.png

Make the right choice by choosing a solid surface for your bar counter. It will save you money and also maintain the elegant look desired by many.




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