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Natural marbles are metaphoric rocks found under ground and formed by alteration of limestone or dolomite. These stones are found in various colors and shapes. In very many years they have been used for the interior design like bathroom tabs, for decor in fireplaces and flooring. They are also used for exterior design too. However, there are shortcomings in using these types of decoration stones.  

1. Color Limitation

The underneath rocks when formed, the color is a result of impurity concentration. They are found in few colors making it hard for everyone to get the color of their choice. Some of the colors found are black, grey, pink or yellow and sometimes a bluish color.

2. Natural Radioactivity

Natural radioactivity weathers off some particles of the marbles. They are prone to rainfall or any acidic activity. Their calcite nature makes them very soft not to withstand harsh climates. Marble decorations will require replacement often due to the wear of their beauty.

3. Joints

The marbles come in cut sizes and are joined to fit the client’s choice, unlike the artificial marbles that are long and seamless. Fixing such joints is time-consuming. Therefore, the suitability of great conditions without seams fails.


4. Stubborn Stains

The natural stones when formed, there are compositions of impurities found in them.  These stains are hard to clean or get rid of them. They can be created right at the centre of the stone due to the many pores composing the rock. Some other stains may contain several colors that do not match the marble making it less useful.

5. Hard to Fabricate

Natural stone is not a good conductor of heat. Therefore, fabricating natural marbles is tough. One will need special tools for stone cutting to carry out the work. Thus an extra cost of installation of the marbles during decoration if there is a need for fabrication.

6. Expensive

Natural stones are expensive compared to the artificial stones. This does not mean synthetic stones are less attractive or too cheap. The cost involved in purchasing some unique colors of the natural stones is extreme. These costs arise due to the purification process concerned to make them acceptable in the market. However, not all impurities are removed efficiently.

7. Not Environmental Friendly

The natural marbles are acquired through mining. This is exploitation of the earth and an environmental hazard. Quarry’s are dug to get the marbles leaving the earth loose to erosion and other exposures. As a way of conservation of the land, excavation should be avoided as much as possible.

8. Low Toughness

The marbles are not hard enough to withstand some shocks or impacts. This being a natural stone and gotten through rock blasting, high explosives within the radius may cause it to crack. It’s therefore; best used for sculptors work or ornamental and other works instead of decorations and designs.

9. Non-Repairable

When the marble breaks, it may fragment and become non-repairable. This makes it very difficult to fix breakages, and if fixed there is no uniformity. Sometimes you will have to re-do a whole section to match other areas done of the same marble.

10. Solar Radiation.

The solar radiation activity mostly affects the outside areas or rooms exposed to more natural light. Solar radiation has effects on fading or weathering out colors in short times. The physical beauty changes to a different color that is dull and not appealing.


The marbles are considered to be of high value. The artificial marbles give complete competition because of their strong nature and availability in many color options. These natural beauties are best for short-term basis or willingness to repair quite often.


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