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WANBEST Bring the New Material of Solid Surface in Traditional Furniture

For so long, timber, marble, lacquer, and HPL were the dominating materials used within the furniture industry. WANBEST offers a unique and reliable alternative - solid surfaces!

So, what is a ‘solid surface’? 
A solid surface is a type of artificial stone made from ATH and PMMA pigment. It has the appearance and all the advantages of natural stone - strength, durability, water-resistance - as well as it’s own defining properties of being stain-resistant and easy to shape into complex designs. On top of all this, WANBEST solid surfaces are great for the environment!

If you love having complete control over the style of your furniture, solid surfaces allow you to shape and mould the surface into any design you can dream of with total ease. Solid surfaces are also inherently designed to fight against corrosion from moist environments.

For Bar Counters:

When compared to wood, WANBEST solid surfaces come out on top with their excellent water-proof feature. Never again will you have to pull out your hair when patrons spill drinks over your counter-space. Solid surfaces save every bar owner major headaches!

For Office Furniture:

A professional environment is vital for every business. The front desk of a company is the first thing every potential client sees the moment they walk into your building. So why not make a good first impression? Using a solid surface as your desk’s material gives you a multitude of colours to choose from and will leave it smooth to the touch.

Unlike lacquer or wood, WANBEST the colour of solid surfaces will never fade and the material will never peel. Colours and patterns run through the entire thickness of the material and cannot wear away.

For Restaurant Furniture:

Nowadays, more and more high-end restaurants are choosing solid surfaces for their dining tables, food counters, cash counters, etc. The reasons for this are that solid surface components are devoid of any toxic ingredients and are eco-friendly. Due to their non-porous quality, solid surfaces are also extremely easy to clean and maintain.

The Possibilities Are Endless:

Bathrooms, public exhibition spaces, hospitals, laboratories - WANBEST Solid Surfaces are the smart and green way to furnish your business and your personal life!

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