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What materials are available for the company's front desk reception desk? How to design?


The front desk reception desk of a company belongs to a type of office furniture. The front desk of a company represents the image of a company in a certain sense. The first impression that customers leave upon entering the company is the front desk, so a suitable front desk for the company is very important. Let's learn about the relevant knowledge of the front desk together.


Front desk reception desk classification


The front desk reception desk can be divided into two categories according to the different materials: paint type and paint free type. Both paintless and painted front desk receptacles can be used in conjunction with other materials. Common surface materials include glass, stone, aluminum plastic plate, and stainless steel.


The front desk reception desk can be divided into: office front desk reception desk, hotel front desk reception desk, exhibition and display front desk reception desk, beauty salon front desk reception desk, various shops front desk reception desk, government office front desk reception desk, etc. according to different purposes.


Front desk reception desk design


The front desk design of the office mainly focuses on two aspects: color and shape. The specific color to choose depends on the overall office decoration style, as well as the company logo and industry. Styling is also important and needs to match the company's industry and product type.


The front desk of a company is the first impression it gives, equivalent to the face of the company, so how to reflect the decoration design of the front desk is a key concern for every designer. For the design of the office front desk, it is important to reflect the company's philosophy, establish a corporate image, and give people a good impression of the company. Designers mainly reflect a company's image through color rendering, corporate philosophy expression, and lighting design.


Some companies have a very good sense of lighting, bright and transparent, while others are relatively dim and have poor lighting, especially in the front desk lobby space, where at least sufficient light sources must be ensured. No matter how beautiful and unique the design is, if paired with a dim yellow light, it will greatly reduce the visual sense. The office decoration company believes that it is necessary to ensure the brightness of the light in the front hall and office area, firstly for the experience of foreign customers, and secondly for providing employees with a healthy visual space.

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