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Why is artificial marble so popular? Five minutes to analyze the artificial marble countertops that designers love to use! I believe everyone is familiar with artificial marble, right?

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Especially for those who are renovating their homes, the material of artificial marble must be well-known. Artificial marble often appears in kitchens and bathrooms, so what are the advantages and disadvantages of the artificial marble that interior designers love to use? The wbstone team will take you today to see the mystery of artificial marble.

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What is artificial marble?

If we take it literally, 'artificial marble' is, as the name suggests, artificial marble; Originating in Venice in the 15th century, workers at that time combined fragments of marble with cement to create the first artificial marble, which is now known as terrazzo. Later, artificial stones gradually evolved, replacing them with stone powder mixed with epoxy resin, becoming common artificial marble and quartz stones.

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Artificial quartz stone


Mohs hardness is approximately 3 degrees

Mohs hardness is approximately 7 degrees

Application scope

Floors, walls, countertops

Kitchen, Bookcase

Applicable scenarios


Home residence

The Application of Artificial Marble

Artificial marble is mainly used indoors in daily life, although it is also used outdoors, it is very rare in daily applications. The application of artificial stone can be divided into two types: artificial marble and artificial quartz stone. According to their different characteristics, they are applied to floors, countertops, and other occasions.

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Artificial marble flooring

In some department stores or commercial spaces, the use of artificial stone as a flooring material is often seen. The commonly used artificial stone for flooring is artificial marble, which has a lower hardness but is easier to replace, making it a commonly used material in commercial spaces or residential halls.

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Artificial marble countertop

The most common place for artificial stones to appear is on countertops, especially as island countertops or cabinet countertops.

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Artificial marble countertops are mostly made of artificial quartz stone, which has a higher hardness compared to artificial marble and is less prone to scratches in use. However, due to the hard nature of artificial quartz stone and its relatively high price, it is rarely used for flooring and more commonly appears on countertops.

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Artificial marble threshold

In addition, few people will notice that the threshold is actually a common use of artificial stones. The threshold is commonly used in the wet and dry separation of bathrooms to block water flow, and some commercial spaces also use the threshold as a transitional boundary for the area. Using artificial stone as the threshold, compared to natural marble, the hardness is lower and the surface is prone to scratches. However, due to its affordable price, it is also one of the choices for many people.

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The maintenance method for artificial marble is actually simpler than people imagine. Daily maintenance only requires a sponge or cloth to be wiped with a "neutral" cleaning agent (if it is used with strong acids and alkalis such as hydrochloric acid or bleach, it cannot be used). Gently wiping with a neutral cleaning agent can keep it clean, but remember to keep it clean regularly. It is recommended to wipe off any dirt in a timely manner, otherwise artificial stones may still have a dyeing crisis.

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Here, our wbstone team will share with you the advantages and disadvantages of artificial stones. If you are still hesitant about using artificial stones at home, please do not miss this opportunity. It's not too late to read through the pros and cons analysis before making a decision.

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Advantages of artificial marble:

1.Low water absorption and better anti fouling effect than natural stone.

2.Diversified color selection and diversified styles according to market demand.

3.The price is cheaper than natural stone.

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Disadvantages of artificial marble:

Cracks are prone to occur under rapid changes in heat and cold.

Solution: Avoid placing high-temperature items on the countertop, and add insulation pads to avoid the dull luster or cracking of artificial stones caused by high temperatures.

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Artificial marble has a relatively soft hardness and is prone to scratches.

Solution: During normal use, it is important to avoid scratching or hitting with sharp objects to reduce direct cutting and chopping behavior. Placing a piece of cloth under the cutting board can slow down the impact and cause the table to crack.

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Overall, artificial marble is an important material in interior design. It is recommended to communicate with interior designers to create suitable styles and residential designs.

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