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Good Wedding Rental Easy Moveable Bar Counter Supply

Original Design :

large bar counter.jpgred home bar counter.jpg

In original bar counter design, it is small one and put on home kithchen room, or a large solid piece used in wine bar pub.  

Our client want a large one which is more than 7meters, but because he will use it in wedding rental so we should make it easying moving. 

So we divided it for 3 piece, and people can use 1 piece or 3 piece together.  

1 piece solo is also a nice looking bar counter. It is also which included the sinks. 

For 3 piece together , it a large beautiful one. 

Additional we also have design a recycle wood box package for it. There are wheel on the bottom. 

Then people can move the bar counter very easy and use the package many times. 


3 piece bar counter drawinglarge bar counter drawing

Finished Bar counters

large bar counter.jpg

bar counter details

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