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Large custom design corian marble commercial iphone display counter in shopping mall

This project is located in a shopping mall. 

The shape is designed very morder. It is a acr surface with triangle shape.

All the surface is covered by corian solid surface.  

cellphone display counter

The color client choosed is corian glacier white. It is a pure white color with high glossy polishing. 

It maked the counter looked simply buy elegant.


Comparing the wood with lacquer, the corian solid surface material is more and more popular in 

commercial interior decoration and furniture. Because there too much people will walk around and 

touch the display counter. If we use the wood material, the lacqeur is easy to peel off. The solid surface

material will never appear this kind of problem. 

It gets better !

We don't worry about the water, juice stain on the surface anymore. 

corian glacier white

commercial display counter

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