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Cilent:Mr. David (The first order)

Address: France

Products: Kitchen counter 

Finished Time:Nov. 2016

Time of receipt:Jan. 2017

Showing more details about the product:

As we all know, solid surfaces are durable and have been proven for their thermal and mechanical properties.

 If you want a kitchen counter that will serve you for a very long time, solid surfaces is the way to go!

A set solid surface kitchen counter

Black and white is the most classic color match

The side of corian kitchen counter

The following 4 pictures are all part of the cabinet. We show them separately to make you more

 understand of the product.

The back cabinet-need to hang up 

The back cabinet need to hang up, have 4 small cabinets to store something that are not

 frequently used.

The one of back cabinet  

The back cabinet does not need to be hung up, and a sink is designed to facilitate washing and 

washing vegetables.

Solid surface Decorative wallPart of the kitchen counter- High cabinet

This high cabinet is used to store tableware. The cabinet have a large capacity, the tableware

 can be classified and placed, so convenient.

The detail of front counter More detail of cabinet's drawer

The drawer slide of back cabinet is from Germany's GRASS.

The detail of hang-up cabinet

The back cabinet has three layers, two of which are blocked by boards.

As below is customer's second engineering order:

customer's second engineering order

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