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White restaurant office salon reception counter desk

Quick Details 

Item No.:RERE357

Size:L.2400*W.800*H.900MM & Customized

Material: Artificial stone &wood  

Color: White 

Producing Time: 15 working days.

Optional: color

Product description

White restaurant office salon reception counter desk 

The reception counter desk suitable for all kind of office,salon,restaurant etc.Also the white color of the reception counter desk can be well matched with the background of various places,the following picture shows one of our project for a salon owner .The decoration of this shop looks very warm, giving guests a feeling of being at home.

The outward appearance of this reception counter desk looks like diamond shape that makes it high-end feeling for the customers, modern shape design makes your business fashion and fashion luxury. Will definitely impress your guests.

The back of this white reception counter with some drawers ,this is the basic device for office

We are the professional manufacturer of this kind of comercial furniture with 15 experience ,please contact me for customizing your own reception counter desk or other furniture.


ShenZhen WANBEST Furniture Co., Ltd. is the professional manufacturer of solid surface and 

other artificial stones furniture.

Our main products are solid surfaces and artificial stone furniture,such as bar counter, reception 

desk, office desk, kitchen counter, basin, bathtub, bay windows, staircases, handrails, exhibition 

counter, check-out counter , dining table, lab worktops, conference table and so on.

How Can We Supply The Custom Design Furniture For You ?

Stept1: Choose your favorite designs 

Stept2: There are existing size with details for you. Or our designer could design

a new size and color according your needs.

Stept3: We will make a 3D drawing for your confirmation. 

Stept4:Once design confirmed we will start to producing. 

Stept5: After finished we will ship to your address and supply the installation instruction. 

All the steps you just need to supply your ideas, we will make everything well happen!

Advantage of solid surface furniture

Solid Surface Advantages:

1. Durable 

2. Hygienic

3. Repairable 

4. Non-toxic

5. Seamless Joints 

6.Good Appearance/Personalization

7. Environmental Friendly


No matter what country you come from, what needs do you have,

I do believe our qualified products and professional service will win your satisfaction!

Every step we do is to serve you with our heart!

Packaging logistics



Due to the volume and weight of the goods, we recommend that customers go by sea, so that the cost is lower, and we can also provide door-to-door transportation service.Of course, if you need the reception desk urgently, we can also send it by air and express, but these methods are very costly.


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